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DP Pumps is the export division of the company Duijvelaar Pompen, located in the Netherlands and manufacturer of vertical pumps, booster sets and tailor made turnkey projects in the field of water management. They export their products to over 100 countries through local distributors.

DP Pumps is specialized in the production of stainless steel pumps, but in the course of time they have developed more and more into a many sided partner in the field of water management. Their capabilities include not only the production, but also the design and engineering of problem solving pumps and pump systems.

DP Pump's products are applicable in many fields, such as the building industry, food & beverage industry, irrigation and water treatment.

Hydra-Numatic Sales will work together with DP Pumps' engineering staff to provide you with the perfect solution for your application. For more information, contact Hydra-Numatic Sales at 973-492-0181 or

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