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        Engineered Products

      • Solid waste treatment facilities and related equipment
        Solid waste incinerator/power generation plant, sludge dryer/incinerator, ash melting systems, other solid waste treatment systems and equipment

      • Water/wastewater treatment facilities and related equipment
        Municipal water/wastewater treatment plant, industrial water/wastewater Treatment plant, night-soil treatment plant, leachate treatment plant for landfill Sites, recycled-water processing facilities, seawater desalination plant

      • New energy systems
        Wind power generation systems, fuel cell cogeneration systems, photovoltaic power generation systems, nuclear power related equipment (demineralizer for condensate and/or wastewater, other radioactive-waste treatment system)

      • Water chemicals
        Inorganic chemicals, polyelectrolytes, activated carbon, boiler and cooling water Chemicals, other chemicals and chemical dosing equipment

      • Other plants and systems
        District heating and cooling systems, thermal energy systems, soil and groundwater remediation systems, environmental analysis, and auditing services

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        Precision Machinery

      • Components
        Various vacuum pumps (dry vacuum pumps, turbo-molecular pumps and cryopumps), Clean ozonizers for semiconductor device fabrication, general-purpose ozonizers, Non-particle pumps, pure-water jet pumps

      • Equipment and systems
        Chemical mechanical polisher, waste gas treatment-systems, automated wafer carrier Washers, electroplating for copper interconnects, electroplating for lead-frames, clean Polishing systems, various equipment for semiconductor device fabrication, Ultra-pure-water systems, ozone water systems

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        HNS / EBARA


        • Experienced Design Assistance
        • Station is custom-tailored to your application
        Hydra-Numatic Sales Co.

        Hydra-Numatic Sales Company can custom-tailor a package pump station specifically for your application. We'll combine Ebara Pumps along with sturdy fiberglass basins and other quality accessories to come up with the perfect solution for your wastewater pumping needs. Hydra-Numatic Sales has extensive experience in providing custom pump stations for municipal, commercial and residential applications. Contact us today to begin designing your custom package pump station.

        Hydra-Numatic Sales Co.TEL: 973-492-0181
        FAX: 973-492-1909
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