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HDL Ball Check Valves are ideally suited for all situations, where liquid containing solid particles must be prevented from flowing back without the danger of clogging. The firm Nodular cast Iron construction and the deliberate design, built on many years of experience and development have led to the current comprehensive range of Ball Check Valves, available in various versions to suit almost every application.

To achive special chemical or abrasive protection, we can use a number of different ball linings and coatings inside the valve. When necessary, we can use special materials (Brass, SS, monel, hastalloy, inconel). The flow pushes the ball out of the stream. This results in a full free opening of the valve and for a check valve a very low friction loss!


Hydra-Numatic Sales will work together with HDL's engineering staff to provide you with the perfect solution for your application. For more information, contact Hydra-Numatic Sales at 973-492-0181 or

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