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Metropolitan Industries

Metropolitan offers housed booster pump stations, horizontal turbine pumping systems, storm water pump stations that can be packaged with controls and generators. They provide remarkable 3-D electronic design drawings for assistance in project planning.

Housed Pump Systems Wastewater Treatment Water Filtration & Treatment
Residential Packaged Break Tank Systems Commercial/Industrial Auxiliary Power
Booster Systems Packaged Lift Stations Municipal Control Solutions
Commercial/Residential Control Solutions Control Accessories SCADA
Below-Grade Valve Vaults Above-Grade Valve/Control Stations Self Priming Pumps


Housed Pump Systems
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Metropolitan's prefabricated housed pump systems are revolutionizing the pump industry because of their ability to house virtually any type of pump system, including booster systems, protected water systems, lift stations, primer stations, valve stations, etc.

Wastewater Treatment
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Metropolitan's complete wastewater process treatment solutions include field-erected treatment plants, mechanical clarifiers, energy-saving aeration system with blowers controlled by dissolved oxygen probes, variable speed motor control centers, sludge management solutions complete with screening equipment, a variety of pumping options and integrated control systems

Water Filtration & Treatment
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Let us design, build and/or provide a complete water filtration solution capable of removing radium, iron, manganese, fluoride, and/or arsenic contamination. Metropolitan's systems will add quality and reliability to your potable water by eliminating the existing contaminants.

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Ion Genisis

The Ion Genesis® comes complete with dual Ion™ Digital Level Control float switches which continuously diagnose and report real-time critical pumping information to the controller.  The controller itself gives users control of all vital aspects of pumping and efficiently cycles pumps to minimize pump turn-on cycles, ultimately adding life to the pump itself.


With the latest technology and a smaller footprint, the updated SumproŽ battery backup system provides even more dependability. New features include an LED screen, which displays critical system information, an improved charging circuit, alarm contact for remote monitoring and notification and more. Metropolitan has also developed a new line of batteries which, when combined with the new version of SumproŽ, will give users an increase in run time by 25 percent.


Metropolitan is proud to introduce the world’s first digital, piggyback sensor sump and sewage pump level control sensor, the Ion+®. This unique control sensor with integrated alarms works like a standard Ion®digital level control switch, while providing alarm notification through an audible buzzer, LED indicators, and dry alarm contact.


Ion Gateway

The Ion® Gateway, Monitoring and Alarm System for use with wireless sensors gives customers the ability to monitor incidents such as power loss, temperature, high water and more. Using both the cellular gateway link and wireless sensors, the Ion® Gateway can send alarm notifications direct to your e-mail address or SMS text account. 

Packaged Break Tank Systems
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Packaged break tank systems eliminate the potential contamination of city water supplies with a physical air gap. Systems come with all equipment required for operation, such as pumps, controls and tanks. A modulating, float-operated fill valve maintains break tank level and reduces water hammer by matching demand. Several pump options are available to meet any flow and pressure application.

Commercial/Industrial Auxiliary Power
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One of Metropolitan's new products is the DST50, a first of its kind, patented, 3-phase auxiliary power control system. Under development for several years, the DST50 uses line power until the system deems it unusable or a blackout occurs and then automatically switches to battery power so no interruption occurs in your operation.

Booster Systems
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Metropolitan develops turn-key systems that incorporate the latest pumping technology with cost-efficient operation. They provide pumping solutions for such diverse applications as water systems, lift stations, HVAC systems, sewage plants, irrigation systems, process systems and more

Packaged Lift Stations
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Whether you require a simplex, duplex, or larger lift station, a Metro-Rail Packaged Station is available in an unlimited variety of sizes and materials, including those constructed of stainless steel, epoxy coated steel or fiberglass. Packaged lift stations are designed with state-of-the-art features to handle raw sewage, storm water, cooling water, and other applications. Every system features a custom-designed control system, providing automatic operation, design flexibility and future expandability. Constant or variable speed control systems are available with emergency generators, telemetry or SCADA panels, and local audible and visual alarms.

Municipal Control Solutions
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Municipal Control Options
  • Single or Multi-Function Telemetering or SCADA
  • Constant or Variable Speed
  • Automatic or Manual Transfer to Emergency Power Sources
  • Elapsed Time Meters
  • Local visual and Audible Alarms
  • Flow metering
  • Solid-State Programming
  • Controls can be U.L. listed
  • PLC Replacement
  • Color Touch Screen Control

Ion Converter
Ion Converter

The Ion® Converter uses the digital level information received from the revolutionary Ion® Digital Level Sensors to create dry contact outputs that mimic operation typical of level switches. By operating the Ion® Converter and the Ion® digital level sensors the significant problems caused by using unreliable mechanical style floats are now eliminated.

Ion Analog
Ion Analog
The Ion® Analog Converter replaces unreliable mechanical float switch technology with an affordable analog sensor. A single sensor can level control up to 72″ of sump/wetwell depth and a level output for integration into SCADA and controllers. 

Commercial/Residential Control Solutions
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Commercial Control Options
  • Auxiliary Power Control
  • Intellipump "Smart Pump Technology"
  • Level Management Control
  • Reservoir Level Control
  • Alarm Relay Panel
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Boost Mode for use with a Storage Tank
  • Flow-Monitoring System
  • Differential Pressure & Temperature Control

Designed specifically with the capability of operating two plug-in, single phase pumps simultaneously, the IonŽ Endeavor is a Duplexing Plug-In Pump Controller. This type of pump controller is ideal for many types of facilities, ranging from upscale residences to mid-size commercial buildings such as schools, bank-branches, university buildings and other applications which require simple straight forward control of two plug-in drainage pumps.

Control Accessories
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The Intellipump is Metropolitan's answer for smart pump technology. Choose from three different versions which include a duplex mechanical alternator pump controller, a duplex float switch alternating pump controller or a constant speed duplex pump controller..

The variable speed Metro-Tech Control System is Metropolitan's microprocessor control solution that combines ultra-compactness and affordability to the world of pump sequencing and set point control maintaining peak system efficiency while reducing your system's operating costs.


Now more than ever, Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants are relying on a dependable wet well level control. Metropolitan’s LMS II Level Management System is a pre-programmed, high performance wet well level controller that allows users to seamlessly alter pump options, transducer options and more, providing access to basic SCADA features at a cost-effective price.


The MetroMail™ messaging system provides end users with uncompromised reliability at an affordable price. Designed to send email and text messages based on the status of 8 individual alarm inputs, MetroMail™ can monitor any electrical system, including applications in the water and wastewater industries.


MetroCloud™ provides the Wireless WWAN connection to the Internet to make communication possible.  Connecting the low cost MetroMail™, alarm monitoring system and MetroCloud™, M2M router provides customers with the most cost effective cellular alarm notification system on the market today.  When used with SCADA systems, it will protect what’s important at a treatment facility, lift station or pump house by remotely monitoring tank levels, pump status, power failure, equipment failure, flow rates, security, etc.

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As system monitoring needs have evolved over time, so too have the products and complexity associated with them. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems have become very common in the municipal marketplace. The need for system monitoring can be driven by process, preventative maintenance, manpower, and/or emergency conditions and each user may prioritize the importance of these elements differently. The methods of communication are as varied as the needs of each individual customer, but the common thread is that providers must have a very good working knowledge of how systems operate in order to ensure they meet or exceed end users’ expectations. In most municipal applications, SCADA systems may be used for monitoring and controlling water and wastewater process treatment plants, well houses, or lift station filtration systems. These systems communicate through mediums including radio, telephone, cellular and/or internet and may be monitored from several thousand miles away via laptop or devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Below-Grade Valve Vaults
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Metropolitan offers a complete line of below-grade valve vaults for sewage, storm water and water pumping stations. Their valve vaults come completely prefabricated with check and shut-off valves, access hatch and flow meters. Order yours with optional sump pumps, by-pass pumping connections, phone dialers, transducers and back-up power. Metropolitan pre-fabricated valve vaults are available in fiberglass, epoxy-coated steel and stainless steel. Combine your system with a Metropolitan-designed control panel harnessing the latest technology for a total, complete package.

Above-Grade Valve/Control Stations
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Metropolitan's CV-Pac valve and control stations are for sewage and storm water lift station applications. The CV Pac eliminates the need for flood-prone below grade valve vaults and separate pole mounted controls. Specifying an above-grade CV Pac puts valves above ground for easy access and protection from potentially hazardous and corrosive wet well material. Each CV Pac comes complete with all equipment required for operation and is delivered to the jobsite ready to install on top of wet well.

Available Custom Options
  • Liquid-Filled Suction and Discharge Gauges
  • Hatch for Easy Wet Well Access
  • SUMPRO Back-Up Power Supply for Heater
  • Swing-Out Control Panel
  • Stainless Steel Base
  • Discharge and Suction By-Passes

Self Priming Pumps
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Replace your existing old-fashioned vertical shafted sump or sewage pump with the Metro-Prime Self-Priming Pump and never work with moving parts below the sump cover again.

  • Quick Clean-Out - Suction elbow can be removed quickly for access to impeller
  • Close-Coupled Design - Entire rotating assembly can be removed without disturbing piping
  • Clean and Always Dry - Entire pump rests cover for easy access
  • Easy Maintenance - No long-shafts; no bearings and seals to maintain and grease

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