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Simflo offers many configurations of both Standard and Engineered products to suit your Agricultural, Municipal, and Industrial needs. They have standard materials offerings focusing on agricultural applications, but they also offer specially engineered configurations, materials, coatings, and treatments to satisfy today's advanced pumping needs.

Simflo's bowls range size from 4" to 28", capable of producing from 5 gallons per minute to 18,000 gallons per minute at up to 1,500' of head. Standard cast iron discharge heads are available with 3" to 10" outlets, fabricated steel heads can be custom configured with 2" to 30" outlets. Submersible discharge heads are also available with 2" to 12" outlets.

Simflo's products can be had in a wide range of materials including cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, NI-resist, NI-hard, bronze alloys (including aluminum-bronze), stainless steels and heat treated aluminum. Many bowl modifications are available, including: wear rings (bronze, aluminum-bronze, 304-316-416 stainless steels, NI-resist, Teflon, ceramic, etc.); lateral machining for deep settings in excess of 1,000'; grease-packed bearings; hard-chrome plated 416 stainless steel bowl shafting and extra length bearings.

Hydra-Numatic Sales will work together with Simflo's engineering staff to provide you with the perfect solution for your application. For more information, contact Hydra-Numatic Sales at 973-492-0181 or

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