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Smith & Loveless

Smith & Loveless, Inc.

Smith & Loveless offers a complete line of water and wastewater pumping and treatment equipment. This world-renown company has been delivering excellence from engineering to manufacturing for over 50 years. They are the innovators and designers of the factory-built steel pumping station. Smith & Loveless can provide solutions for a massive variety of water and wastewater problems.

Smith & Loveless
Non-Clog Pumps
Wet Well Mounted Positive Prime
Pump Stations
Factory-Built Underground
Pump Stations
Retrofit Wastewater Treatment
Water Treatment & Transfer


Smith & Loveless Non-Clog Pumps
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The pumps incorporated in Smith & Loveless stations are heavy duty designs with a minimum 1.875" solid stainless steel shaft and bronze seal housing. High efficiency impeller and motor designs provide years of dependable trouble free operation.

Smith & Loveless offers two styles of pumps, vacuum-primed and flooded suction.

Vacuum-primed pump
Vacuum-Primed Pump
The vacuum-primed pumps are designed to prime in less than 60 seconds under standard rated conditions. These pumps are designed to stay primed indefinitely. To view the 4-Step vacuum priming process, click here. The published efficiencies of these pumps represent true pump efficiency. There are no belt losses, bleed line losses or any other losses to be added. These pumps are use a straight run from the wet well to pump into the eye of the impeller to prevent clogging. These pumps have no suction restrictions.

Flooded-suction pump
Flooded-Suction Pump
The Smith & Loveless flooded-suction pumps are manufactured with heavy cast-iron balanced impellers, bronze mechanical seals and the largest pump shaft in the industry. You can choose either a double volute or dual-curve volute for reduced radial thrust. The tight clearance between the front head and impeller minimizes recirculation, resulting in improved efficiency. The motor-pump shaft on Smith & Loveless equipment does not require a seal, reducing maintenance and expenses. For easy maintenance, the entire rotating assembly can be lifted out of this pump simply by removing the capscrews.

Wet Well Mounted Positive Prime Pump Stations
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Consider this style station in lieu of the submersible designs to reduce the confined space issues associated with a standard design. Pumps and controls are contained within a Fiberglass Environmentally Controlled housing where the equipment is operated and maintained above ground. Operations and inspections of the equipment are accomplished with reduced labor and safety concerns. These stations are available in the standard above ground, recessed and capsular concepts for normal outside installations or inside your own design building.

Smith & Loveless released their newest variation to the wet well mounted pump station, the Formula X, in October 2001. To read more about the features of the Formula X, click here.

Classic WWMPS
Classic Wet Well Mounted Pump Station
Formula X WWMPS
Formula X Wet Well Mounted Pump Station

Recessed Wet Well Mounted Pump Station
Capsular WWMPS
CAPSULAR Wet Well Mounted Pump Station

Factory Built Underground Pump Stations
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Smith & Loveless Inc. offers a wide range of prefabricated underground pump station designs. Their unique Duo Duct design incorporates the base supports with suction piping. The Custom Series concept is available in circular designs starting at 7'-0" diameter. Larger designs are available such as the Capsular and Modular designs for two, three or multiple pump installations. Pumps and piping start at 4" and are designed to meet your application needs. A wide array of accessories are available for monitoring the structure, chamber environment, alarms, entrance requirements such as a maintenance lift or operator convenience needs.
Custom Underground PS
Custom Series Underground Pump Station

Capsular Underground
CAPSULAR Underground Pump Station

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The pumping equipment produced by Smith & Loveless Inc. could be used to replace other manufacturers pumping equipment such as Allis Chalmers, Fairbanks Morse, Aurora, submersible pumping equipment, older style pneumatic ejectors stations or concrete stations requiring upgrading to modern concepts. The heavy duty construction of their component equipment and prefabricated systems will offer a quality alternative to your present conditions. Allow us the opportunity to look into your application.


Wastewater Treatment Equipment
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Smith & Loveless offers a full line of wastewater treatment equipment, from headworks/pretreatment to primary, secondary and tertiary treatment.

For headworks/pretreatment, Smith & Loveless offers screens, including their rotating drum Intellisieve; flow equalization systems, including the Mini-Ject pump for use with package plants; and PISTA Grit removal systems for reducing grit accumulation and separating organics and inorganics.

For primary treatment, Smith & Loveless offers a line of clarifiers available in circular or rectangular designs; separators for solid/liquid and liquid/liquid particle separation; chemical storage and chemical feed systems.

For secondary treatment, Smith & Loveless offers their wet well mounted pump stations, as well as clarifiers, mechanical aerators and factory-built plants. Their factory-built plants include the FAST treatment plant which uses an aerobic, fixed film treatment process. The FAST plant is a good solution for applications where space is limited. There is also the Marine FAST for use on ocean vessels, ferryboats and offshore oil platforms and the Floating FAST for pond and lagoon installation. They also offer the simple, easy-to-maintain, reliable Model CY plant for small commercial applications. For larger municipal or industrial applications, Smith & Loveless offers the LOOP system, which is an oxidation ditch design; the Addigest and Oxigest, which have a capability for add-ons such as flow equalization, sludge storage, nutrient removal, disinfection and more; the Model R, the most cost-effective pre-engineered aerobic system in the industry; the Model V, which has many available component sizes to choose from; and the Anobac for low power usage and low sludge production.

For tertiary treatment, Smith & Loveless offers filters, such as brinemakers, ion exchange filters and membrane systems; denitrification systems; post aeration units; and phosphorus removal equipment, including the Clar-i-vator, phosphorus precipitator and the lime slaker.

Factory-Built FAST plant

Water Treatment & Transfer Equipment
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Smith & Loveless Inc. has a wide range of equipment to handle water treatment or transfer of; Lake, Reservoir, Ocean, Well, Groundwater, River and Recycle Sources. Market areas include Industrial & Municipal with process water, reclaim water and potable water. Removal of Turbidity / TSS, organics, pathogens, iron & manganese. Process variations include clarification, filtration, oil/water separation, DAF, Ion exchange, membrane systems and Fibrotex for the removal of Cryptosporidia 7 Giardia.

Smith & Loveless Inc. can handle the transfer of water or process water with their expertise in building prefabricated steel pump stations and vaults of many kinds. Since Smith & Loveless Inc. established the standard in prefabricated underground steel stations, you can rely on the highest quality of product and engineering. Quality that exceeds industry standards. Allow us the opportunity to engineer and quote you on these applications.

Smith & Loveless FIBROTEX

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