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Subteck manufactures radial and semi-axial, multi-stage, canned motor pumps with diameters 4-6-8-10" to draw water from deep wells. In the market from 1982 Subteck is a company specialized in the technology applied to the bore hole submersible pumps. From the 1992 it is part of the Calpeda group S.p.A. with which collaborates actively in the research and development of the new products.

Subteck is present in more than 40 countries with the supply for water works, in the industrial and fireproof applications, in the agriculture and irrigation, in domestic and residential applications.

It is specialized to move sea water, waters of mine, thermal waters and in all the applications that require specific products for corrosive and aggressive waters..

Hydra-Numatic Sales will work together with Subteck's engineering staff to provide you with the perfect solution for your application. For more information, contact Hydra-Numatic Sales at 973-492-0181 or

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